Thursday, October 02, 2014

The Beginning

Late to my own funeral...start without me please!
We stayed a couple of extra days in Minnesota because no big adventure ever goes according to plan...or simply be an adventurer, you must be willing to 'go with the flow'. Schedules, reservations, appointments, and time certain events are nice in theory but expect life's shit to trump even the laws of the universe.

Now... with the shit is out of the way (or at least pushed aside),..we three muses (Sky, Coco and me) left Bloomington, MN heading into Wisconsin after a brief respite at Starbucks

Like all good adventures, we have a plan....diner on the pier at Santa Monica, CA. We'll travel via US Route 66...through a handful of states, back highways and experience Americana... but not to sound like a's more about the journey than the final destination...and always have a plan B and C...and bring a towel:-)

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