Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Route 66 Bound: Wisconsin

We (Sky, Coco and me) are Route 66 bound...again, more about the journey than the final destination (Santa Monica CA)...Each of us will post and blog along the way (or more like after the fact)...
CoCo and Sky posing with well to WI sign between MN and WI..
Burrito and Dot are in pic too!
Yes, I know WI isn't on Route 66 but when you live in MN, you do have to pass through WI so the trip of RTE 66 starts with our journey through WI...

Right across the bridge on the WI side is a diner (not really old but in keeping with the RT66 look) so I took a pic...Besides it's a Denny's...which brings back lots of memories from high school. 

The diner concept design that Denny's uses started in 1997. The diner resembles a classic 1950s diner with a great chrome mirror look and lots of neon...Today there are about forty Denny's Dinners in the US...including this one in WI. For the most part they are wildly popular give the number of cars out front and people taking pictures of them!
Denny's 1950's diner look
Across WI there are lots of interesting photo opportunities that include older buildings and cows...but I like the simple things that show indirectly where we are and what's it like...going into River Falls I spied this mail box and think it really says all about the area...a little run down, but still proud and functioning...

 No one can really leave WI without visiting the cheese rooms, the dells, and of course the "House on the Rock". The House on the Rock was opened in 1959 and is a complex of architecturally very unique rooms, paths, gardens and shops containing very unusual collections...designed by local farm boy Alex Jordan, Jr. As its name infers, it's built on and into a very large rock formation. More information and a video is at their website here.

Sky and Coco at the end of the triangle bridge that jets out over House on the Rock...

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